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Fill the Helmets Campaign

Based on "The helmets they wore for you, now fill it for them" mentality called The Fill the Helmets Campaing. These helmets (that were actually used by Soldiers), are being place around the surrounding businesses to raise funds and Veteran awarenesses.


Now Open !

Showers and Laundry Room

Veteran Showers and laundry room are currently being installed. Laundry room has multiple washers and dryers available to veterans daily. 

Computer Room.png


Computer Room with Printing

Five Computer Stations with Internet and Free printing available every day for every veteran on a first come first serve bases.


Veteran Rides !                 

Rides are now being offered for Veteran appointments and rides for other vital and essential needs.  Rides are by appointments only. 

Conference Room.png

Conference/Event Room

A Conference room that is being fully equipped with proper Electrical Equipment for presentations, meetings and events.

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