Hearts & Homes locates and brings supplies to a local homeless Veteran

A near homeless Veteran get gas to allow him to apply for a job

Hearts & Homes gives food to a former homeless Vet who just received housing through the VA



In late October 2013, while working with Homeless Veterans at a local food kitchen, we were approached by a VA Outreach social worker who informed us that there was a homeless Veteran who was about to be arrested for vagrancy and needed some immediate help. John was a big man who, due to stroke, was confined to a large electric wheelchair. In fact, it had only been in recent months that he began to speak again.


The VA was not equipped to transport the chair and therefore could not get John to a safe facility. As John was "loitering" in front of a commercial business, they were going to have the police arrest and remove John. HHV approached John and assured him that we were friends and there to help him. John had recently been robbed and his trust of anyone was very limited. We were able to convince John of our desire to help him and loaded his wheelchair and all his things onto a pickup truck to take him to a facility where the VA had some beds available.


Pictured is all of John's wordly possessions.


 Coming soon....

Plans are being made to have a dental and medical office for minor issues which will utilize local volunteer dentists. doctors and nurses and be open for specific clinics throughout the year. Plans for a small laundry and kitchen as well as a recreation room and showers are also being considered. We hope some or all of these projects will be complete by the end of 2018