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Hearts and Homes for Veterans Inc. has four programs for Veterans


  1. Homeless Veterans (Aid and comfort)

    • Packs, sleeping bags, food, direct them to the services and help to get them housed. Prior to getting into housing, HHV will provide the veteran up to one week in a motel if needed.

  2. Housing Veterans (We make an empty house a home)

    • Household goods pots, pans ... beds, furniture, etc.

  3. Retention (Keeping a veteran in their housing units)

    • They are in the housing at the market rate. Not in Subsidized Housing.

    • They may be above the 130% of the poverty level due to either loss of income or a cause of:

      • Market rental or home loan rates as high as $1100.00 - $1500.00 per monthly payment.

      • Had a catastrophic event, loss of work, death in family, fire and many other issues that would affect their income and personal property. If the circumstances are to cause a loss of housing due to an eviction or foreclosure we would help.    (It is more cost effective to keep them in their home than to pull them out of Homelessness).

  4. Repatriation (To civilian life with a purpose)


  • Help them with housing and furnishing their home.

  • Jobs and training.

  • Build their self-esteem and work on their depression if needed.

Veteran's Requirements and Qualifications

  1. Must provide a DD-214 (Must have six (6) months Active Duty service and discharge above Dishonorable, If under 6 months service, may qualify if under a Medical Discharge).

  2. Must provide a valid VA picture I.D. card or valid state issued I.D. or driver’s license.

  3. Must be 130% of the Poverty Level of current years Federal guidelines eligibility for Medicaid.(The chart will be attached in this guidelines of services) Number 3 applied unless they qualify under the Retention program.

  4. Must provide a copy of their current lease (must be in their name and active).

  5. If children, must be under the age of 18, or still in school, and provide birth certificate or letter of guardianship.

  6. Must fill out a financial Statement and an Application

    • All Veteran's must Sign a release of information from the VA for housing and financial discloser.

    • We do many other things from bikes, bus passes, gift cards, rent payment, deposits, food pantry, and many more services.

Veteran must comply with the above requirements, or they may be determined ineligible for services.

rev. 2023

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